joys of september.

how has another month already passed?! time flies by so quickly these days, which is exactly why i want to take a moment to jot down a simple list of things that brought me joy this month.

afternoon walks throughout our cute, quiet town as a family.
watching G play + have fun with extended family members.
deep, meaningful conversations with my husband about anything + everything.
at 11 months old, we officially have a walker!
the smiles on the kids’ faces when daddy gets home from work everyday.
clearing clutter, both mentally + physically, for a fresh new season.
the start of fall as a whole, actually. my gosh, it is just the best!
cool, crisp morning air.
watching the sun come up as it paints the sky with warmth + colors.
seeing the leaves starting to turn into beautiful shades of yellow, orange, + red.
starting to feel better physically, along with mentally, emotionally, + spiritually.

joys of august.

a quick, simple list of things that have brought me joy this month.

touring properties with acreage.
making an offer + going into escrow on our first home.
taking some big steps on exciting plans for the future.
long phone calls with my best friends to catch up whenever we have the time.
having a life-changing energetic experience.
buying G school supplies for the first time.
watching Isla take her first couple of unassisted steps.
my youngest brother coming up to visit.
almond milk mocha fudge dairy free ice cream bars by so delicious.
talking about potential updates we want to make on the house when it’s ours.
daydreaming about all of the memories we will make there.

joys of july.

a quick, simple list of things that have brought me joy this month.

acai bowls with fresh fruit for breakfast.
taking the kids to the park in the morning to beat the heat.
daydreaming + talking about the future with my husband.
phone calls with my best friend back in california in the middle of the week.
sunflowers from trader joe’s.
watching G’s excitement at his first county fair.
seeing foals + calves with their mamas in pastures when we go driving.
hearing isla make new sounds + learn new things.
when the entire house is clean at the same time, even if it only lasts 10 minutes.
learning exciting news from several different loved ones.
my husband cooking dinner for the family.
spending time at the stables.
snuggling my baby girl, who is the cuddliest baby ever.
hearing my children play + laugh together.
falling asleep in my husband’s arms before one of the baby monitors go off.
bringing baby girl into bed with us as soon as said monitor goes off.
when all of the laundry is folded + put away.

it’s the little things, really.