our father’s day trip to the coast.

It’s kind of become a tradition to plan a surprise getaway for my husband for Father’s Day each year. This year was no different, and also a little extra special because not only was it our first year celebrating in Oregon instead of California, but it was my husband’s first year celebrating as a father of two!


When I started thinking about the trip the month before, I knew right away that I wanted to take him to the Oregon coast. Ever since we moved in February, my husband has been talking about missing the ocean and wanting to visit the beautiful coast of the PNW. I had a couple different cities in mind, but ultimately made plans to stay in Bandon, Oregon– a small, old little fishing town about thirty minutes south of the more well-known Coos Bay. As a family of four traveling with two young kids, the accommodations available were really what it boiled down to. I ended up finding the cutest little 130+ year old house on AirBNB, called “The Norwegian House.”

This quaint little house boasted vintage charm and was so well kept. It was decorated so cute, and I really loved that it was situated on some acreage and tucked far enough outside of town that we could enjoy the privateness, while still only being about 10-15 minutes from the main parts of town we wanted to visit.

We arrived on Saturday, the day before Father’s Day, and made our way straight to the beach before even checking into the house. The Oregon coast is so much different than the beaches we had grown up at down in Southern California. There was a steady layer of fog most of the time, chilly wind, and the entire coastline is covered in these big, beautiful rock formations where the ocean meets the land. I’ll just be honest and say that SoCal beaches set the bar pretty high, but the beaches up here in the PNW are really something else!

We spent the weekend exploring the touristy old town part of Bandon, which never really got very crowded despite it being Summer! It is definitely a small town, but that made exploring it that much more fun and a lot easier, especially with kids! We made our way to the beach on Sunday, which Gunner of course loved. It was so fun seeing Isla play with the sand too, as this was her first beach trip! We loved watching the boys build sand castles and walking the beautiful coastline as the ocean (which was freezing, for the record!) touched our toes. Other than our beach trip, we visited all the little shops in Old Town, tried out several of the little food spots (Philip + G loved the fish & chips that were caught that very morning!), and hit all three of the local sweets & treats shops to stock up on chocolate goodies for the drive home!

Our three day family getaway to Bandon was so fun and special, and I was so happy to see Philip have so much fun with the kids while getting to enjoy the coast like he had been wanting to do! He is such an amazing dad and husband and it means the world to me and more to have been able to plan just a little something to show him how much he means to us. He works so hard and loves on us so well, no one is more deserving than him! We love you so much, babe! I hope you had a special Father’s Day!